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The American Mentality

Least amount of time, least amount of effort for the most amount of money and fame. – Alex R. Too often I see articles or blogs about the Spanish training methods and the secrets behind them. Most certainly they are innovators to certain teaching methods and drills ex. ‘ Spanish X drill’. It really boils […]

USTA/Player Development can learn from the NCAA

We can make the argument that the NCAA is one of the most well run sports governing bodies in the world. Athletes from all over the world look to compete at the college level (mostly NCAA) in their respective sports. Why has the NCAA managed to make themselves such a respected sports committee for  years. […]

Eastern section wins section of the year

Tennis Industry Magazine has named Eastern the USTA Section of the Year! We celebrated the distinction during our annual Eastern Tennis Conference on Saturday, January 25. Jeff Williams, a former president of the Board of Directors, congratulated staff and volunteers for their hard work throughout the year and presented our section with a plaque to commemorate […]

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Practicing with Novak Djockovic

This past summer professional tennis player and former St. John’s University player  Vasko Mladenov was an active hitting partner for at the time World No 1 Novak Djockovic. Its not every day you get to hit with a world number during their grand slam run. We interviewed Vasko this fall and asked about his experience […]

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USTA Local 2014 Junior Competitive Pathway Changes

As many of you are already aware, there will be several changes to the National Junior Competitive Pathway in 2014. As a result the structure of junior competitive tennis in the Eastern Section will also undergo changes in order to align with the alterations in the national pathway and to better develop the growth and […]

Tennis stringing

Racket Tension , Performance Stringing

Probably the first question I get asked when someone purchases a racket is about the tension. Should I string it tight or loose? The answer to that question obviously varies on a number of factors. From my personal experience of over 30 years of playing, I have been all over the map. When I first […]

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Footwork patterns with Bill Racho

Bill Racho the Director of Tennis at Cunningham Sports Center, goes over some common footwork patterns used in today’s game.  

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Fall Season is in full swing

Leaves are falling are on of the surest signs that fall is in the air. The sectional swing after the summer months is the best sign for the tennis community. The first round of sectional tournaments are upstate with many of the players making that long drive north. This year the tournaments still hold strong […]

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Playing Division I , Eric Rebhuhn

 Enrich Tennis met with NCAA Division I St. Johns University Head Men’s Coach Eric Rebhuhn.   First we would like to congratulate you on the programs most successful season last year where you guys attained a high rank of #50   We noticed that you had 3 former Eastern players on your roster, Milo Hauk […]

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Enrich Tennis Re-launched Fall 2013

We are happy to announce the re-launch of our blog, that had gained immediate success from its previous inception. We were hacked by malicious malware and most of our content was compromised. We plan to bring you a more exciting and informative platform for our Eastern section community. Stay tuned

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